Neutra separation technology

Systems for treating wastewater containing oily contaminants
Neutra separators have been tested to DIN 1999 / EN 858. They meet the requirements of class I (KW < 5 mg/l) or class II (KW < 100 mg/l), respectively. High quality materials and practical designs facilitate the monitoring, servicing and emptying of Neutra separator systems.

No oily contaminants in our waters
Mineral oils present a special hazard for our waters. Gasoline, oil and diesel lead to reduced oxygenation and thereby adversely affect the natural self-cleaning process of water. Oily contaminants in wastewater need to be separated in pre-treatment systems in order to guarantee the water quality in accordance with the legislation for the management of water resources.

Wastewater systems for buildings and sites in accordancewith DIN 1986 / EN 752 and EN 1256
All wastewater outlets from business premises on which motor vehicles are washed, serviced of filled with fuel must be connected to separator systems. Neutra separator systems are the ideal solution for separating mineral oils from wastewater. In this process, the oil droplets rise to the surface where they form a layer of oil which is emptied for disposal once the storage has been filled to maximum capacity.

Over 40 years experience and know-how
The development of economical and safe pre-treatment systems with optimum cleaning efficiency requires detailed knowledge about the pollutants and their composition n wastewater. Comprehensive official tests and approvals by the authorities are your guarantee for efficient systems based on state-of-the-art-technology.

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