Pump and plant engineering

High-quality pump and plant engineering technology for domestic, municipal and industrial needs

Mall pumping stations are the ideal choice for pumping domestic, municipal or industrial wastewater and sewage. Mall offers a complete range of services, from determining the basic requirements and designing the most economical pump equipment to providing design support and the final installation, service and maintenance.

Pumping stations are used in unfavourable topographical locations:

  • The sewage pipe lies below the level of the sewer system or gravity line, so the sewage cannot be discharged in a free fall,
  • Wastewater needs to be raised above the backflow level to protect against backflow,
  • There is a high groundwater level or adverse soil conditions,
  • House drainage in rural areas: Pressure drainage systems provide cost advantages compared with connecting to sewers.

Complete service including engineering advice

In close collaboration with the designer, suitable solutions are developed, which are then installed with all installations in the monolithically cast and therefore joint-free and sealed reinforced concrete shaft. No other material is as suitable for civil engineering as concrete.

Delivery and assembly in excellent hands

The pre-assembled pumping stations are brought to the installation site nationwide by the Mall lorry crane and placed in the prepared excavation pit. After connecting the inlet and outlet pipes, the backfilling and sealing work can begin on the same day. The final assembly, commissioning that includes briefing the operating personnel, as well as subsequent maintenance or service visits can be carried out at short notice by the Mall service team operating nationwide.

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