Mall environmental systems: sophisticated technology and expertise

Mall has been setting quality standards for decades
The Mall Group dedicated itself to environmental protection over fifty years ago. Our product range centres on reinforced-concrete systems for rainwater management and wastewater purification.
Mall is one of the market leaders in rainwater and separation technology and, with 8 production facilities, has a German-wide presence in the construction material trade. Mall has additional subsidiaries in Austria, Switzerland, France and Poland.

In addition, the Mall group has been able to establish itself as a competent manufacturer and supplier of special products for garden and landscape construction, traffic engineering, noise protection and burial vault systems.

The Mall group employs a workforce of around 500 people and generates a turnover of around 106 million euros.

Core areas of competence:

  • Rainwater management
  • Separating plants
  • Wash water recycling
  • Sewage treatment engineering
  • New energies
  • Manhole and container construction
  • Pumping and construction equipment
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