New Energies

Underground storage systems for wood pellets and woodchips

By modern and environmentalcompatible building services everyone can contribute to the protection of the environment and the climate. The use of renewable energies is even legally prescribed since 2009. Whether Solarthermie, biomass or Geothermie - all these techniques help to preserve fossil resources. And by conveyances of federation, countries and municipalities as well as favorable fuel costs the amortization periods shorten - environmental protection, which counts itself for the home-owner.

All reinforced concrete tanks of Mall are inserted underground outside of the house and use so no valuable cellar surface. The containers are shifted directly by Mall and are within one hour at their place. Also the dust when delivering pellets and hogged woods does not come in such a way into the house. The installation in the external area makes possible besides the employment of large volume memory, which particularly with the use of Solarthermie or biomass is meaningful.

Within the range "New Energies" we offer the following products:

  • Storage systems for wood pellets
  • Large woodchip containers
  • Buffer storage tanks
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